MotionMobs Talk

My Farewell as a MotionMob’s Intern

In its academic definition, an intern is defined as an advanced student or graduate usually in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience. As defined by society, an intern is the chick who gets the coffee. So the objective, as I started looking for that fun, pre-graduation internship, was to try and hit the target somewhere between that. When I came to MotionMobs a few short months ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Would I be gaining that supervised practical experience or would I in fact be the new barista?

As it turns out I accomplished both. (Truthfully I only brought coffee one day)

I never knew I could accomplish so much, in such a short amount of time, until I became a member of the MotionMobs team.

My first day I was eased into things. When I say eased, I mean I sat in on a client meeting, began working on content for social media pages and was given a run down of a list a mile long of things we were going to accomplish this summer.

Although logically I should have been terrified, I was instead excited!

By day two I had written and edited a complete marketing plan to present, and by Friday it was pitched and accepted by a client. Yes, that is all in one week. After that week I was in love with startups, in love with my job and obsessed with all things MotionMobs.

My summer became full of marketing plans, media kits and press releases, a PR students dream! My portfolio grew from being bare bones to being so large I am going to have to pick and choose what to include for employers.

I also picked up a nice little award for my work at MotionMobs. In June I learned that Andrew had nominated me for The Ten Awards Student of the Year. A few weeks later I found out I was chosen. It was such an honor, first that I had made such an impression on Andrew that he would nominate me, and second that I had actually won!

At MotionMobs things are truly in motion. The beauty of a startup is you have a small, close team doing the work of a large company. My favorite thing about the MotionMobs team is they are all truly passionate about each project they take on

One thing I think the academic and stale definition of intern leaves out is the friendships you gain. Each person at MotionMobs has treated me like I was part of the team from day one. Andrew took me under his wing and taught me so much. His passion for each project and never-ending hard work has inspired me so much to be as great of an employee one day as he is. Taylor has also been a huge inspiration to me. Her dedication, strength and intelligence makes her the perfect role model for all young professionals.

MotionMobs has taught me more this summer than I could have ever dreamed. I can’t thank Taylor, Andrew and the rest of the MotionMobs team for the opportunities they have presented me with.

I am definitely going to miss all the crazy days in the office. However, I am very excited to get back to UA and share with my classmates my experiences at MotionMobs.

By Taylor Peake