A dedicated team. A unique approach.

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Our Story

Founded in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama, MotionMobs was established with the understanding that mobile technology was here to stay, and innovative technology would rapidly change how small businesses and large corporations reach their customers and work more efficiently. Our projects revolve around collaborating with our clients to present the best technical plan to achieve the desired business results. We handle everything from making suggestions for third party integrations, such as payment processors, to building and launching the product to market.

As a woman-owned and woman-founded tech company in the Southeast, Motion Mobs has never been intimidated by a challenge. The company was built on the belief that innovation and cutting edge technology determine future success, both in our own company and our clients’ businesses. We have intentionally assembled a team of experienced consultants and developers who constantly seek better ways to build and launch app-based businesses.

Our Approach

MotionMobs is not your typical agency. We have a dedicated team that has a unique approach to working with our clients. Combined with our expertise in development in Flutter, Go, React, Rust, and many others, and strategic consulting perspective, we seek to create innovative solutions to move our clients forward.

Our Team