Audrey Watson


Audrey has a creative eye that allows for her to develop beautiful and functional front-end user interfaces and experiences for our clients. As a part of our development team she is able to build front-end solutions that focus on the perspective of the user with polished designs.

What in your personal life moves and motivates you?

When I started my career in technology it was clear the space for women was still pretty small. Fortunately I loved developing and learning too much to let that deter me. I hope that one day I can be that proof and motivation to other women pursuing a career in technology.

What is your favorite type of movement?

I’m notorious for going through those phases of going to the gym for a few months and then quickly regressing. However, yoga and stretching continue to be my go to after long hours of sitting all day. Investing in a standing desk has also paid off more than I expected.

What technology, hardware or software, helps keep you in motion?

Hardware-wise, my Apple Watch helps keep me organized and reminds me when to stand and stretch throughout the day. On the software side, the tool I use the most during the day is Visual Studio Code. Its shortcuts and extensions are a lifesaver when you’re dealing with larger projects.