Taylor Peake


As Founder and President of MotionMobs, Taylor has dedicated over ten years to creating a development firm that is focused on an expertise in custom software and app development. Formerly a developer herself, Taylor is driven to provide exceptional solutions to clients, a passion that grew out of developing applications when app stores first became accessible to everyday users.

What in your personal life moves and motivates you?

My kids. Watching them grow, learn and develop at what feels like rapid speed. They motivate me everyday.

What is your favorite type of movement?

When the movement is to achieve a specific goal. It’s more meaningful to run if you’re raising money for a great cause, and it’s more impactful for us to move quickly and intentionally on building software products with a purpose.

What organizations or non-profits move you to be more involved in the community?

MotionMobs has been fortunate to work with so many incredible non-profits over the years. We love GirlSpring and their community of springboaders that are changing the way girls support each other and learn together in our community. They inspire me, and show how far we’ve come with the next generation. Autism2Ability has made it possible in their community to give children a voice through technology and a community to support their needs. I also volunteer and serve as a board member for the Crisis Center, which is a critical resource to anyone experiencing a crisis in the communities they serve.