Jennifer Fisher


Starting her career in private equity, Jennifer enjoys the intersection of business, technology and creativity that impacts businesses as a whole and to their bottomline. With over ten years in operational experience, Jennifer is passionate about consulting and developing smart, creative solutions to business problems establish streamlined efficiencies and processes in companies.

What is your favorite type of movement?

The self-induced torcher that is running. Running is not a kind of activity that comes naturally to me, probably because of my height, but I love the challenge.

There is a lot of busyness at the intersection of tech and business - what keeps you in motion?

I have always been motivated by working with clients and using technology to improve efficiencies within their business or generating revenue from the technology. Thinking through problems and developing solutions is one of my favorite things to do.

What organizations or non-profits move you to be more involved in the community?

I am a member of the Junior League of Birmingham. It is a great organization that allows for its members to get involved with any of the over 200 organizations in the Birmingham metro area. I am also on the Junior Board of Oasis Counseling, a community supported counseling center in downtown Birmingham.