Emily Hart


Emily has over 10 years of technical consulting experience. With her background of previously working at Fortune 50 companies like Apple, Emily works closely with our clients and the operations of MotionMobs with a focus on all aspects of client success.

What is your favorite type of movement?

Rising dough. I absolutely love baking and cooking for my family and friends. Relationships are built over shared meals, and I am always the person who wants to bring food to gatherings.

What technology, hardware or software, helps keep you in motion?

My AirPods and Apple Watch are my lifeline. If I can’t get to my AirPods in time to answer a call, I’ll have to call you back.

What organizations or non-profits move you to be more involved in the community?

Racial and rural inequities have made it dangerous to be pregnant, give birth, and raise a child in Alabama, particularly in communities of color. As a mother myself, I support the work being done by Margins, Yellowhammer Fund, and March of Dimes.