Morgan White

Director of Business Development

Morgan brings previous business development experience from a number of different organizations in industries such as digital publishing and tech. She prides herself on cultivating relationships with clients from the initial meeting through launch.

What in your personal life moves and motivates you?

My daughter, Holston, motivates me. I try to lead by example and show her the importance of earning what we want in life. The older she gets, the better person I become.

What is your favorite type of movement?

Running and softball are my favorite types of movement! Anyone that knows me knows I’m an avid runner and dedicated softball coach. You can usually find me on the trails, sidewalks, and at the ballpark multiple times throughout any given week.

There is a lot of busyness at the intersection of tech and business - what keeps you in motion?

What motivates me at MotionMobs? I enjoy building relationships with our clients and uncovering their passions.