MotionMobs Talk

Announcing Quantified Dog

Today we are excited to announce our newest innovation, Quantified Dog. The Quantified Dog (QD) was inspired by our furry companions and how unpredictable they can be at times. We thought, wouldn’t it simply be easier if we could control our canines by the tap of a button on our smartphone?

Simply have your veterinarian implant the QD chip, and install the QD app on your iPhone or Android. The chip pairs with your smartphone through Bluetooth, and will activate your dog’s sleep mode when you step out of range.

With the QD app, leashes become a thing of the past by ensuring Fluffy never steps more than a certain number of feet away from her owner. Obedience classes are completely unnecessary because Spot will come, sit, stay, and roll over without any training – just the tap of a button.

Connect your dog with your neighborhood through the QD Park feature, where you can see nearby canines’ favorite places to sniff and mark. QD also connects with your dog’s preferences and shows you a list of potential playmates for your dog, which will be swiped right or left immediately following a butt sniff. Get a notification when a match is made.

Leading our Quantified Dog development are developers Laika and Marley. Both have 4 years of experience in close proximity to programming languages and a deep understanding of dog culture.

We are currently accepting applications for participants in QD focus groups. If you and your canine would like to participate, please have your dog email us at Deadline is April 2.

Quantified Dog: Don’t train your dog, program your dog.

By Emily Hart