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Improving lives one app at a time: App2Talk

When it comes to app creation, imagination is truly the limit. Apps can be used as business tools, information systems, education portals, entertainment hubs or simply as a means to help us live the best life possible. No matter the function, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits are key in developing the best possible product.

In 2014 MotionMobs had the opportunity to work on what became one of our most rewarding projects to date – App2Talk. When we were approached by non-profit organization Autism2Ability about creating an app to help their target market communicate better, a surge of inspiration struck. It was a unique chance to increase the quality of life for children with autism who struggle to communicate effectively. There were already other Augmentative and Alternative Communications (ACC) apps on the market, so we had the additional challenge of making it stand out from the others.

The end product became a highly-effective and affordable tool that has since gone on to enrich the lives of those afflicted with autism. App2Talk links photographs or line drawings with a real voice, which can be customized to match its owners. It’s also a learning tool that starts with assisting on basic, expressive communication like making simple requests and then moving on to more complex communication like conversation starters. The app advances in range of usage as the user progresses in ability.

Careful consideration for design was also a key element in the creation of App2Talk. The experience needed to be clean, precise, easy and welcoming. Any distracting elements could potentially disrupt the purpose of connecting A to B, and therefore prevent communicating in an effective manner. Our thorough testing and focus groups with experts on autism made sure we built an effective interface for use in all types of social situations for the end user.

Learn more about App2Talk.

If technology like this can assist with the daily functions of those who live with autism, imagine what else can be created to help others improve their living experience. Medical and technology professionals share the responsibility to use their skills to change the world. As devices evolve and become more integrated with our day-to-day lives, the possible usages of them grow infinite. It’s a top priority for us to help others pioneer their ideas and concepts into a successful web and/or mobile app, and when those apps are in the healthcare sphere, it leads to better quality of life for us all.

If you’re ready to talk about your app idea in the healthcare industry, let us know. We would love to chat with you.

By Jen West