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Props Where They’re Due

Digital communication has created an illusion of anonymity where people comment without real repercussions. We’ve become lazy in our communication, using fewer words and only bothering to communicate when we feel strongly. It has isolated professions that interact with the public, and they rarely get specific feedback that reflects their daily efforts. And therein lies the issue.

Our digital society doesn’t have an easy way to show appreciation to individuals who help us out. Social media isn’t equipped for this. Business pages simply aren’t the proper place to genuinely thank an individual. Customers and patrons generally don’t even know anything more than a first name for a server, barista, or nurse who went above and beyond. There needs to be a better way to thank people for their service and understand the impact of our interactions.

There’s an app for that

Enter Props.

The app-based business is the brainchild of founder George Goodwyn and came to life through collaboration with MotionMobs and Newberry Consulting. It focuses on spreading positive feedback and encouragement for employees and serves as a feedback mechanism for employers to measure what their employees are already doing well.

George’s inspiration came from an experience he had at a doctor’s office.

“Last year, my wife and I went to see a well-known doctor in Birmingham. He was well respected and good, but the service we received from his two nurses and a lady in the finance department was exceptional. We left the doctor’s office without any answers, but were very impressed with the support staff. Based on our experience, we wanted to thank them for their exceptional service and patience with us. The next day we got gift cards, drove to the hospital, parked, and delivered the cards to show our appreciation. That turned out to be a real hassle, but worth it,” Goodwyn said.

“Based on our experience at the doctor’s office, our idea was born. How can you show appreciation for another’s service and yet protect everyone’s privacy. We believe everyone has been created with exceptional attributes. Not everyone has the same skills and talents as someone else. We believe that everyone wants to be, likes to be, and needs to be appreciated for their strengths. We also believe that those who show their appreciation feel better about themselves when they do so.”

Changing the narrative

The app aims to change the narrative of feedback in the service industry from something that terrifies servers and managers, to something that encourages a positive environment. Rather than the looming threat of a negative Yelp review (and sometimes completely unwarranted), Props provides a space where everyday kindness and service is celebrated. For each Prop a user receives, they earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards to retailers like Target, Starbucks, and Ulta.

Props won’t achieve this industry shift overnight, but thanks to Trevor Newberry of Newberry Consulting, it’s on its way to making an impact. Newberry Consulting has extensive experience in the service industry and is helping pave the way for partnerships between Props and local businesses. As restaurant owners get more comfortable with a new review solution that inspires employees, it will lead to better customer experiences and feedback.

A better future

“What would it look like in today’s world if everybody was able to excel in the area that they are gifted in? What if everyone stepped up and performed on a higher level? What if we encouraged one another instead of looking for faults? Sounds impossible? Might be, but something needs to change. We need to change. Change the way we treat others, how we work, and how we show appreciation,” Goodwyn said. “Who’s with me? Let’s start making a positive difference, one Prop at a time.”

Gratitude is something we could all focus on a little more in our lives and Props creates a digital solution to do so. So what are you waiting for? Find Props in the App Store and Google Play Store, or reach out to the Props team to learn how you can implement Props in your business.

Start spreading the Props love today.

By Vaughn Hunt