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Three Steps to Custom Development

At MotionMobs, we follow a simple process of identifying, planning, and executing technology. First, we work with our prospective clients to identify the problem that they are trying to solve and how technology can lead to the solution. Then, we plan how the desired technology will solve the problem. Once everything is planned and agreed upon, we execute. The execution piece involves developing everything in conjunction with design and marketing, or if the technology is for internal use, thinking through how to increase user adoption and retention. 

In order to get this process started, our clients get to know Morgan White, our Director of Business Development, and Emily Hart and Jennifer Fisher, our consulting team. Together, we walk clients through each step of the process to make sure that the problem they are focusing on and the technology to solve it will ultimately create a positive return on investment for them and their business.

Why Three Steps?

Similar to building a house where finding the right location and laying the foundation are crucial, the process of identifying and planning technology are essential parts of the development lifecycle. It provides a solid basis for development.

Often, we have clients say “Oh, no, I know exactly what I want, so I just need development.” That is exciting! Our process will help you identify and plan from a technical perspective to make sure development begins without a hitch. The upside is that our process is expedited with clients that have fully flushed out their value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and projected ROI cases, so that we can deliver a technical plan tailored directly to them.

Step 1: Identify

Morgan plays a crucial role in our process, as an ally for clients, she gets to the root of what needs to be solved and then helps clients form a vision for how it will be brought to life. She focuses on understanding the client’s mission for their technology and determines whether or not it can be executed within the client’s budget and timeline expectations.

“My connection with our clients is always focused around partnership and trust. I treat our prospective clients like my business partner,” Morgan said. “This often involves encouraging them, discussing financial investments, and asking difficult questions. The client trusts me with their dream and I trust them to be transparent about their concerns when making a tech investment decision.”

What makes a good match between clients and MotionMobs? Here are a few tips from Morgan for companies to understand when they seek out custom development:

  • Can you clearly articulate the problem that you are trying to solve?
  • How is that different from what your competitors are doing? 
  • What kind of return on investment are you projecting in the next one to two years?
  • How can we bolster your strengths and fill the gaps around you or your company’s technical skillset?

Step 2: Plan

Our consulting team works directly with Morgan and our Business Development team to turn the client’s mission into an actionable plan. Whether it is bringing a new product to market, creating a new line of business, or streamlining an internal process, our consulting team works directly with clients to understand all of the different nuances that will come with developing and launching technology.

Our consulting team has a combined 20 years of work experience partnering with companies of all sizes and strategically planning how technology can kick start or improve the bottomline of a business. During this phase, we partner with clients to map out their monetization strategy, technical operations, and technical specifications. This planning process allows for clients to understand their technical investment and how that is going to generate a strong return for their business. 

“Working with technology and software is constantly evolving, it is never stagnant. There are certain features that need to be considered and how they will hold their value in the long run. Just like Morgan said, we enjoy partnering with our clients to make sure everything is planned to their liking so all parties are aligned prior to development,” Jennifer said. 

Step 3: Execute

After identifying and planning the technical solution to the problem, our development team gets to work. Experts in cross functional platforms like Flutter (a platform that allows for the development of both Android and iOS mobile applications simultaneously), Go (a Google developed platform that is similar to a more modern and enhanced version of C#), React (a modern frontend web library for interactive components for things like system dashboards), and traditional, database-centric languages like Ruby on Rails and .NET, our development team sets out to build, test, and deploy the planned technology. With this kind of technical experience, our team is able to develop technology that is a sound and secure solution that is aligned with client’s expectations. 

Get Started!

So… are you ready to start? We are ready to work with you and help you identify, plan and execute! Reach out to Morgan White to get going!

By Jennifer Fisher