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Our Approach

We get it. There are thousands of development shops out there and hundreds of thousands of freelance programmers who can write code for you. Where do you begin?

The art of development

Developers are like artists. They each have their own style, their own strengths, and their own challenges. No one is great at everything, and anyone who tells you differently isn’t being transparent. It’s as much a process of a development team finding the right clients as it is a client finding the right developer. We believe the key in finding the developer that fits best with the client is based on mutual trust, collaboration, and good communication.

The importance of consulting​

Consulting is elementary to how we approach problem solving through technology. We leverage our experience developing software from startups to manufacturing giants, and offer industry expertise that provides an advantage over traditional consulting firms. We believe your technology should be an investment, not an expense. All of our technical recommendations are based on the unit economics of the business and implementing solutions that directly impact end-of-year revenue.

Budget is only a piece of the equation​

Our hourly rate ultimately doesn’t matter if we don’t yet know what you need.1 The point is to find the right fit for whatever problem your app is solving. A $50,000 solution to a $2,000 problem is irresponsible. Likewise, a $50,000 solution for a $250,000 problem isn’t going to solve anything worthwhile. The solution is only as useful as the results.​

What we do really, really well​

Building something from the ground up requires getting the foundation right. Our work begins in the revenue channels and unit economics of the client. Based on how your business generates revenue, we’re able to prioritize functionality to support your top goals. Automating aspects of any business requires money, and we carefully assess the cost of development against the projected value for your business. ​

How we work​

We are unapologetically curious and creative. We ask questions about how your business works and why. We poke around in plans for potential holes and figure out how to patch them before they happen. We strive to ask our clients questions that no one has asked them before. We’re not trying to be rude; we’re trying to ensure you have the best possible plan to achieve your goals. As a result, we get to know our clients really well. No matter the size of the project, all of our clients go through a dedicated discovery process to explore the needs of the client’s business and the best ways that software will address those needs.

Do we sound like the developer you’re looking for?

Let’s chat. Send us an email. Fill out the contact form. Tweet us. Send us a postcard. Whatever works for you. We’d love to get to know you and see if we feel the same.