Web Application Development


Willingworth set out to change the narrative of will writing and estate planning. In doing so, they wanted a way where users, regardless of the state that they are located in, could create their own will documents through a web application.

The Ask

The founders, a certified financial planner and an estate planning attorney, recognized the age gap that surrounds estate planning and will creation. Taking a modern approach to will creation, Willingworth engaged MotionMobs to develop a responsive web application that allowed for a logic-based questionnaire to create will documents in less than a few hours. Their goal was to create a platform that takes advantage of technology to make the process of defining future affairs and will writing simple.

Services Provided

MotionMobs and Willingworth set out to attract younger populations to consider beginning estate planning, including donating a portion of their assets to their academic institution or favorite nonprofit. The workflow of the web application had to incorporate user’s life situations and the state in which they reside. It also needed to include a way to update these documents given the changes that younger populations go through over time.

The Results

MotionMobs developed a logic-based questionnaire that allowed users to receive accurate will documents based on their answers. Upon completing the questions, will documents were compiled and added directly to a user's profile, allowing users to have access to, modify, and update will documents at any time. Making the will writing process a more hands-on experience set out to establish more participation and engagement in estate planning, ideally attracting younger populations to plan for their future.

50 State-Specific Documentation
200+ Workflow Conditions
Multiple Event-Based Behavioral Analytics