Why your app’s data is more important now than ever

Every day we get emails that mention “what we’ve learned during COVID-19…” as it relates to small business owners navigating this crisis. Everyone’s thinking more critically how to keep employees while balancing client expectations. For mobile app owners, you’ve probably spent more time reviewing the metrics of your app whether it’s downloads, user activity, or […]

Why updating your business software matters

A yellow table covered in circuits conneced to each other via wires

Technology is rapidly changing and there are constant improvements or changes being made. These updates often improve how your software performs, which in turn benefit your business. It might appear wasteful to invest in software if your business is doing exceedingly well or struggling, but that’s where you should consider its impact. The simplest way […]

How technology saved Domino’s

an everything pizza on a black top table

Domino’s Pizza isn’t known for their superior flavor or wonderful texture. We recognize it as a cheap option for the melted heaven covered in red sauce and your favorite toppings that is pizza. All of the delicious flavor combinations covered in some modicum of grease is what defines the American pie we’ve come to love, […]

More than just eCommerce

An open shop sign

Nearly every retailer sells online, and many of them exclusively sell online. So what is the secret to success in a wildly crowded market like online retail? Hint: It’s not about what you sell. Browsing experience People shop online because it doesn’t mimic shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, so there’s no reason for your shopping […]

Why marketers need to understand how software works

Woman using an ipad near a window

One of the keys to marketing is truly understanding your audience. Once you know their wants and needs, you know how to relate to them and, as a result, how to get them to like your brand. Studies have revealed that adults spend more than four hours every day on their mobile devices, which means […]