3 ways to jump-start your app idea on a shoestring budget

At MotionMobs, we consult with a lot of start-ups. We help early stage tech companies and individuals with app ideas, some who have already secured investments and others whom are still looking for their angel. We also help large, established companies create new products that build additional revenue channels.

We understand trying to get the most out of your “shoestring budget”. We’re personally familiar with that struggle. It is challenging, but it can also help you stay focused on what is most important– building a solid plan and gaining traction quickly. 

The 3 questions you must ask before choosing a price for your app

Prior to hitting the store with your new app, you need to ask yourself: How much should I charge people to use my app? If you choose to make it free, your only way to make money is to incorporate in-app purchases or sell ads in your app. If those weren’t part of your plan, you’ll need your user-base to pay for your app in the store before they download it.