App Strategy, Ep. 8: Diversity in Startups

Diversity of thought is one of the most valuable assets to a small, rapidly growing company. Creativity and innovation is hindered when a team gets caught in group think. This week on the podcast, we talk about MotionMobs’ experience with diversity of thought and how you can achieve it in your own startup.

App Strategy, Ep. 7: Startup competitions

Thinking of starting an app-based startup? One of the most common challenges our startup clients face is trying to find funding to get their business off the ground and get noticed in the market.

App Strategy, Ep. 6: Monetization

A great app idea is only half of the battle. Everyone wants their app to be profitable. This week on the podcast we explore the different strategies for monetizing your app.

App Strategy, Ep. 5: Leveraging your community

This week on the podcast, our new community manager, Jen, joins us to talk about how you can explore and improve your great idea – app idea or other – by talking to people in your community.