How to recession proof (or prepare) your company with technology.

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It is an unprecedented time. Life has drastically slowed due to the Coronavirus disease 2019. From businesses to schools, what was once our everyday life has faded into the background and is now a closely-distant aspiration. Many have been asking themselves why they weren’t prepared for a socially distant society. While hindsight is always 20/20, […]

What’s your 2020 plan for technology?

As the year wraps up, it’s time to start planning what your technology goals will be for 2020. No matter what your specific goal is, it needs to reflect an essential component of your business that needs to be improved. It could be you need to create a new tool to be more effective or […]

Why updating your business software matters

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Technology is rapidly changing and there are constant improvements or changes being made. These updates often improve how your software performs, which in turn benefit your business. It might appear wasteful to invest in software if your business is doing exceedingly well or struggling, but that’s where you should consider its impact. The simplest way […]

Why monetization strategy impacts software

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Ever tried to move a couch into an apartment and realized that it doesn’t fit through the stairwell to get there? Ever picked a mixing bowl that turned out to be too small for the recipe? It’s a terrible feeling to realize that you didn’t calculate correctly before you embarked on a project and now […]

But what does it cost?

We’ve been pitched on hundreds of app ideas. Some of them good. Some of them not so good. But some of them have been fantastic. No matter the quality of the idea, they all ask the same thing after they’ve shared their concept. “What does it cost?” It’s a reasonable question. MotionMobs offers a service, […]