Props Updated – What’s New?

Have you been sharing Props?  What are you waiting for? Props was launched last July to focus on thanking people for their service and better understanding the impact of our interactions. It offers a great way for employees in the service industry to gather feedback and data about their performance. At the same time, employers […]

Props Where They’re Due

A young women leaping lightly with a blue umbrella in her hand in front of a yellow wall.

Digital communication has created an illusion of anonymity where people comment without real repercussions. We’ve become lazy in our communication, using fewer words and only bothering to communicate when we feel strongly. It has isolated professions that interact with the public, and they rarely get specific feedback that reflects their daily efforts. And therein lies […]

How to monetize an app

People working on a puzzle

The whole point of building an app is to generate revenue for a business. Whether you’re developing a new app for an existing business or launching a new company based on an app, revenue is one of the primary goals. Thanks to the evolution of the app economy since its launch over a decade ago, […]

The mystery of search

Google and the internet has made search for specific content easy and effective. It’s pretty common for our clients to request a search function in their app, with the expectation that all searches are the same as a Google search. There’s a lot more to search, though, and it’s important to weigh all of your […]

The architecture of planning an app

Drawing out an app idea

Having a great idea is only the first step to building a great mobile app. Ideas don’t magically transform into well-thought-out functions while a developer is writing code. That process happens before a single line of code is ever written. Many of our clients aren’t sure how to move from a general idea to solid […]