Is residential real estate the new healthcare?

In the early 2000s, healthcare was the hot-topic industry. Entrepreneurs, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and investors realized that there was an opportunity in the large, cumbersome, and mature industry. Similar stage fronts Similar to residential real estate, most people need healthcare services, and for those that don’t actively need them, there is a high likelihood that […]

The Value of Data

Depending upon who you say the phrase “Tick Tock” to, you may elicit various responses. Some might think of a nursery rhyme, and some might think of the fastest growing and most controversial social media platforms, TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform where users are able to post short videos about anything, but most […]

Why your app’s data is more important now than ever

Every day we get emails that mention “what we’ve learned during COVID-19…” as it relates to small business owners navigating this crisis. Everyone’s thinking more critically how to keep employees while balancing client expectations. For mobile app owners, you’ve probably spent more time reviewing the metrics of your app whether it’s downloads, user activity, or […]

How to recession proof (or prepare) your company with technology.

A lightbulb centered on a handheld chalkboard with empty circular thought bubbles branching off of it.

It is an unprecedented time. Life has drastically slowed due to the Coronavirus disease 2019. From businesses to schools, what was once our everyday life has faded into the background and is now a closely-distant aspiration. Many have been asking themselves why they weren’t prepared for a socially distant society. While hindsight is always 20/20, […]

What to know when offshoring software development

Zoomed in view of computer code.

Development projects are an investment. There’s no way around this as you look at how to upgrade what your company offers. The rate developers charge per hour can appear to be steep and varies based on location. Often, people who aren’t ready for this investment should realize that the upfront cost is only the beginning […]