Introduction to Flutter

This is part two of a two part series about Flutter. Please note that this part is intended as a developer guide, so if you’re looking for an explanation about why we love Flutter, check out Part One. Developers, carry on! Getting started with Flutter So you want to learn Flutter? Great! In this tutorial I’ll […]

Taylor’s Swift: Favorite Things – Generics

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on – Wait, that’s not it. I’m back with more thoughts on Swift. In the next few posts, I’ll talk about some of the pleasures of working in Swift (hence, a few of my favorite things).

Taylor’s Swift: An Introduction

This year at WWDC Apple made it very clear to developers that Swift was the language they should use going forward. Supporting Objective-C is something we’ll have to do for now, but new code should ideally be written in Swift.

MotionMobs is hiring again!

You’re an incredibly motivated and creative developer with the ability to easily consider the details of your projects as well as the big picture. You thrive in a collaborative environment where you can brainstorm solutions with other developers and ask for feedback on your code. Multitasking keeps your creativity flowing, and you enjoy not being trapped in one task for weeks on end.