How technology saved Domino’s

an everything pizza on a black top table

Domino’s Pizza isn’t known for their superior flavor or wonderful texture. We recognize it as a cheap option for the melted heaven covered in red sauce and your favorite toppings that is pizza. All of the delicious flavor combinations covered in some modicum of grease is what defines the American pie we’ve come to love, […]

6 ways to prepare your software for an acquisition

Preparing your software product for an exit takes a lot of consideration and planning. It isn’t all about new features or the next phase. It’s the entire strategy that can really make your software sing to investors. It can a bit overwhelming, and it is better to start at least one year in advance of […]

The one-thousand-foot view of UX

When talking about user experience (UX), I could literally write a stack of books trying to explain every facet, and still have things left to talk about. For that reason, UX is one of those terms that has become a buzzword to seemingly cover all the answers to the question “why?” when it comes to designing software or digital platforms. 

So, what exactly is UX?

Rapid Fire: Design Week Birmingham 2015

Design Week Birmingham is off and running, and MotionMobs president Taylor Peake Wyatt is speaking at Friday night’s featured event, Rapid Fire powered by Pecha Kucha. Rapid Fire features 12 professionals from the design industry who have 20 slides to present to the audience for 20 seconds per slide.

The Fundamentals of User Experience

If you ask any number of User Experience (UX) designers this question, you’re likely to get answers that vary. It’s like defining the word “design” and everyone is going to have a different answer based on what they do, what they work on, who they work with and things like that.